Topps again looks to the past with new product

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Perhaps buoyed by the success of its T206 and Allen & Ginter lines, Topps is again stepping into brand names of the past.  The company plans to trot out yet another new product line next April with the release of 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen baseball.

The set will Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Baseball themed along the lines of the 1887 N194 set of Gypsy Queen tobacco cards which included over two dozen baseball players in an elegant design.

Topps plans 24-count boxes with 18 insert cards per box including two autograph and two relic cards per box.  There will be seven base cards and three parallel cards per pack.

The base set will consist of 450 cards of veterans, retired players and rookies including 50 short-printed variations.


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