Crook caught with Favre helmet

A thief in North and South Carolina had been eluding authorities for more than two years.
But when the law finally caught up to 27-year-old Jason Thompson, he still had the goods – including an autographed Brett Favre helmet.
Investigators told WCNC TV in Charlotte, N.C., that most of what the burglar stole was typical items that thieves target, but Union County homeowner Tamara Mason had her prized Favre helmet taken and was convinced she’d never see it again.

"Wow. Thank you. I never would’ve thought I would’ve got this back,” she said when the helmet was returned. “"They said it was a very slight chance that I’d ever get it back."

WCNC reported that Thompson is behind a string of home break-ins. In a story on the station’s website, detective Schoen says, "When we talked to him he said he’d been doing it off and on for about two years." 

Police suspect Thompson in at least 28 and possibly 40 burglaries in both Carolinas. Thompson apparently knocked on doors and, if he found nobody home, went around to the back of the homes and broke the back doors down. He then typically made off with TVs, guns, cameras and jewelry.

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