Revisiting the old KMart card vending machines

A nice surprise showed up in our email Thursday morning. A reader in the southeast had found one of our stories on 1970s baseball cards in which a reference was made to nickel sports card vending machines that you used to see in places like K-Mart. Read More

Major changes underway at Sportscard Guaranty

Some major changes are underway at Sportscard Guaranty. The New Jersey-based sports card authentication and grading company hasn’t made any official announcements, but three company officials have either left the company or will exit full-time duties soon. Read More

Nuns Honus Wagner card goes to new buyer

It’s been a blessed year for the School Sisters of Notre Dame, who catapulted to prominence when they put a rare Honus Wagner baseball card up for auction to support their charitable mission. Problem was, the winning bidder never paid up. Read More

Exclusive interview with Bucks star Brandon Jennings

Practice had just ended, and Brandon Jennings’ attention turned to finding the most comfortable – or, at least, closest – spot to sit down, and the recumbent stationary bike just off the court was the obvious choice. When you’re carrying the heavy expectations of a team, a city, a brand and a family, you take your rest where you can get it. Read More

Rivers balancing individual success with team aspirations

Almost 20 years later, he has surpassed even his wildest dreams. Rivers isn’t just a football player – he’s a football star. Now the San Diego Chargers quarterback stands on the brink of NFL history. Rivers, in his seventh season, is on pace to pass for the most yards in one NFL season: More than record-holder and Hall of Famer Dan Marino, more than John Elway, more than Brett Favre, more than Drew Brees – whom he replaced as the Chargers starter – more than both Peyton and Eli Manning. Read More

Collector pulls 1927 Yankees Topps Tribute Card

Legendary LineupsThe card is a 1-1 Legendary Lineups  autograph book card, featuring the signatures of the 1927 Yankees starting lineup. Beckett Select Auctions will handle the sale of the card.  The collector who opened the lucky pack received a redemption card which he quickly submitted. Not being a Yankee fan and realizing the potential windfall, he decided to sell. Read More

Bill Mastro Collection Generates Record Results

Legendary Auctions, a leading Sports and Americana auction house, announced that the recent sale of The Bill Mastro Collection substantially exceeded pre- sale estimates and set a new record.  A signed original handprint of Babe Ruth was sold for a price that would make most peoples’ palms sweat. The unique, mint condition handprint sold for $222,000, more than doubling all previous auction records for a sports item signed by an athlete. (To date, only signed game used items have eclipsed this lofty amount.) Read More