Show haggling can save collectors some serious cash

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by Craig Paulson

Attending a big sports card and memorabilia show can be the highlight of a card collector’s year. For many, just the smell of the old time cardboard is enough to send them into a spending flurry. Of course, one of the great traditions of sports card and memorabilia shows is haggling with the dealers.

Anyone can look in a price guide and arrive at the suggested retail price of a card, whether it is a vintage card from the 50’s or current release, but buyers want to get the most for their money and in many cases, those guides don’t accurately reflect the actual market. Dealers know what they have tied up in a collection, often breaking prices down to a per card basis. For the most part, stars are where the money is, and commons and semi-stars are just another way of maximizing the earning potential of a collection.

Vintage baseball cards are truly are a seller’s market.  They just aren’t making them anymore, which makes it difficult for a collector to get the cards they are after at the price they want, especially rare issues or high demand superstars.

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