Major changes underway at Sportscard Guaranty

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Some major changes are underway at Sportscard Guaranty. The New Jersey-based sports card authentication and grading company hasn’t made any official announcements, but three company officials have either left the company or will exit full-time duties soon.

Vice-President of Operations Sean Skeffington departed earlier this month according to a message board post on the company’s website. Customer Service Manager Michael Goldberg will be leaving later this week and Brian Dwyer will remain in a “consulting” capacity. Late last summer, the company announced Dwyer was leaving his post as director of business development.

The moves coincide with news that autograph authenticator James Spence Authentication (JSA) has made an equity investment in SGC. The partnership will take effect in the coming weeks with a more thorough explanation and announcement forthcoming, according to SGC, which is known primarily for its grading of vintage sports cards.  The move opens the door for SGC to enter the autograph slabbing market.

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