Halladay no hitter tix moving swiftly online

(This story orginally appeared on www. sportscollectorsdaily.com)

It’s back to business for the Philadelphia Phillies who will face the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship Series later this week. With some time off, fans have had time to savor Roy Halladay’s history-making no-hitter against the Reds in the Division Series.

Plenty of fans have been willing to sell their ticket stubs or acquire those held by others in order to try and make a buck on eBay. Over 600 Halladay no-hitter items were listed on eBay as of Oct. 12.

Halladay no-hitter ticket There are at least two different types of tickets available; those that were issued to season ticket holders and those made available later that contain no photographic images and are essentially computer driven. Not surprisingly, it’s the former that is selling for the most money.

Nicer stubs have been selling for $60-90 with the less attractive versions sometimes costing bidders less than $25.

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