Otterstad art celebrates Yankees WS win

After nearly a decade of waiting for the championship to return home, the 2009 Yankee’s clinched their 27th World Series. It is only fitting that a legendary victory such as this one be immortalized by famed seven-time World Series Celebration artist Opie Otterstad.  On Saturday, April 17, 2010, Otterstad will unveil his Official World Series Victory Piece at Pop International Galleries, in SoHo.

In what has become a tradition of its own, the World Series victory art piece transports fans back to the glorious moment when a historic team clinches its destiny. For the past seven years, Major League Baseball fans have looked to legendary sports artist Opie Otterstad to create spectacular panoramic paintings capturing these wins. Known for narrating each winning team’s history on canvas, Otterstad celebrates not only the winning moment but often the path that led the team there. With Otterstad painting in Pinstripes, this piece will preserve the 2009 World Series story for all-time.  A limited quantity of 209 hand-signed and numbered pieces, measuring 24”x36”, are available for $1650 each.

Showing alongside Otterstad, renowned sports artist, Stephen Holland will also debut three reverent portraits of the Yankee’s most celebrated players of our generation. New York’s hometown hero Derek Jeter, beloved closer Mariano Rivera and the great Alex Rodriguez will all come to life with the strokes of Holland’s mastery. His intense, gritty style has captured illustrious sports figures with an honesty and passion missed by other mediums.

Throughout time artists have documented profound moments in history with paintings; still today, there is an opportunity to take a snap shot of these shared continuums of epic scale even in sports. Bringing the joy of triumph and success to life in a way that neither a ring nor trophy can do, these phenomenal victory pieces and portraits will fill Pop International Galleries to memorialize America’s team and baseball. This historic exhibit will highlight some of the Yankee’s most extraordinary and significant moments, as well as, the time-honored traditions of baseball through a celebration of world-class art.

Pop International Galleries, being both a legendary New York gallery and the premier dealers of Pop Art in the United States, make it the perfect location for this show. "The Yankees and their iconic players as painted by Opie and Holland are just as much a part of ‘popular culture art’ as Wahol’s Monroe," says co-owner Rick Rounick.   

This exhibit celebrates the return of the World Series championship back where it belongs — in New York City.  Whether you attended the game in person, were watching on TV, are a life-long Yankees’ fan, are simply a lover of sports, or are a collector of historic sports moments, experience this one-of-a-kind art show first-hand. Take home a true piece of history to add to your collection or a print capturing the record 27th World Series championship win of the world’s most successful squads.

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