UD says Harvin redemption cards now a done deal

Any veteran card collector will undoubtedly have a horror story or two regarding redemption cards. Whether it was simply the buzz-kill associated with opening a pack of cards only to find a "promise note"instead of the actually card or the manufacturer being unable to deliver the card at all, collectors have little positive to say about redemption cards.

So imagine if you pulled a redemption card featuring one of last year’s hottest NFL commodities, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver and 2010 ROY Percy Harvin. Then imagine it came from an Upper Deck product and you understand the dilemma many collectors faced as they wondered when and quite possible if their redemption card would be filled at all.

Those who received a Harvin redemption card in Upper Deck’s Ultimate Collection, SP Authentic or Exquisite Football products were likely initially excited at the thought of receiving a card featuring the signature of one of the game’s most exciting players but that excitement quickly turned to anger and disappointment. The reason for the change was that over the last year, the company’s financial future has come into question along with a prominent story circulating about MLB players were being told by the MLBPA to no longer comply with UD’s signing requests until outstanding payments for past signings were cleared.

This uncertainty caused many collectors to look sell their Harvin redemptions as quickly as possible before the news spread. Many felt that a signing session with Harvin would likely never get done and looked to take the best offers they could get selling the redemptions on eBay. Meanwhile, via its Facebook page, Upper Deck officials said a signing agreement with Harvin was in place and it was just a matter of time before the redemtions would be fullfilled. While some looked to sell, other speculating collectors waited patiently as the situation played out and bought up all the redempions they could on eBay for greatly reduced prices, hoping to later cash in despite the rumors.

With Harvin’s card prices currently as follows: 2009 SP Authentic Rookie Patch Auto Redemptions selling online for around $85; 2009 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph Redemptions selling around $150-175; 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Rookie Auto redemptions selling around $40, it’s understandable why a resolution to the situation was so important to so many.

On May 14, Upper Deck posted that Harvin had indeed fulfilled his signing commitement and those who were still left holding their redemptions would be receiving their cards in the near future. For those who kept the faith, their belief will be rewarded with a package in mail, while those who pannicked and sold them are now kicking themselves.

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