Collectors and Shop Owners revisit the state of the hobby

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Danny Lawhon Journal staff

Of the tens of thousands of sports cards Bill Linseman has held onto over the years, many of them are still valuable.

He could check their prices on eBay and perhaps get decent offers if they’re still in good condition. He could glance at a national guide and see if others’ buying and selling prices are reasonable.

But all Linseman really longs for is the time when sports cards, in general, were really worth something.

Far too often these days the financial aspect of sports memorabilia control collectors’ actions, in his opinion. As he describes his assortment of cards related to Detroit’s professional sports teams, it’s Alan Trammell, Willie Horton and other players of the past that stir up memories and elicit smiles.

Now, he says, nostalgia has been largely forgotten in favor of the almighty dollar.

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