Collector wins 1952 Mantle card via Topps promotion

Sonora, California collector Mark “Sparky” Davis was sitting at his computer late on the evening of September 16, redeeming several Topps Million Card Giveaway code cards when the screen flashed back three words that made his heart skip a few beats:  “Mickey Mantle 1952″. Read More

FBI probe could be a blessing for collectors

Earlier this month, thousands of sports memorabilia aficionados and avid trading card collectors spent five days navigating through the massive maze of over 600 dealers and distributors spread across 350,000 square feet in Baltimore’s Convention Center. Several of the attendees at this year’s 31st National Sports Collectors Convention suspended frugal personal finance practices temporarily and heartily participated in the time honored tradition of impulse buying. They splurged on sports mementos, autographs, and trading cards. Read More

Collectors and Shop Owners revisit the state of the hobby

Of the tens of thousands of sports cards Bill Linseman has held onto over the years, many of them are still valuable. He could check their prices on eBay and perhaps get decent offers if they’re still in good condition. He could glance at a national guide and see if others’ buying and selling prices are reasonable. But all Linseman really longs for is the time when sports cards, in general, were really worth something. Read More

Tristar honors Obak cards with special National set

Tristar Productions has announced that they will produce a very exclusive set for the 31st National Sports Collectors Convention. Tristar’s 10-card set commemmorates the anniversary of the OBAK cards of the early 1900’s with the release of Tristar Okak: History of the Game.  Read More

Topps giving away Strasburg card at The National

Topps revealed on July 21 that collectors who open 10 packs of 2010 Topps or Bowman packs (with the exceptions of Attax, Opening Day and 99-cent cello packs) at the Topps booth during the National Convention will receive a Strasburg 2010 Topps Heritage card (No. NCC1). Read More

LOST cards found only at Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse Archives is set to release its all-new, 2010 LOST Archives trading cards and much like the series’ must-see final season and susequent series finale, fans will likely swallow them up with a simliar verocity. The highly anticipated release is due out July 21 and comes on the heels of the LOST: Seasons 1 thru 5 series, which chronicled the show’s amazing run which then cumlinated in the sixth and final season. Read More