Tiger, Buybacks in 2009 Goudey

Goudey Baseball has developed a strong following in the hobby for being a little different, but also for providing collectors with great value. When 2009 Goudey Baseball launches on April 28, collectors will be chasing two new types of cards that should deliver significant return on their initial investment.

Tiger Woods has been signing cards in the “Sport Royalty” subset since Upper Deck began producing Goudey Baseball. Each year these cards end up selling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market due to their scarcity, the lack of Tiger Woods autograph cards overall in the market and because of how dominating Tiger is out on the links. This year two of the Tiger Woods autographed “Sports Royalty” cards will be inscribed by Tiger with “14th Major” and “2008 Torrey Pines” to commemorate his memorable victory in last year’s U.S. Open.
Every year Upper Deck purchases back from the hobby thousands of original Goudey Baseball cards from the 1930s. Collectors may notice something different about some of these buyback cards this year as some are autographed. Upper Deck was able to acquire a collection of vintage, authenticated autographed Goudey cards and will be inserting them randomly into packs of 2009 Goudey Baseball.
“Being able to add two exciting inserts like this to this year’s Goudey Baseball release is a great way to add value to the set and provide collectors with some very unique collectibles,” said Gabriel Garcia, Upper Deck’s associate brand manager for Baseball. “The original Goudey cards from the ‘30s are amazing, but to pull one that is autographed by these legends is an extra special thrill. And what else can you say about Tiger Woods? As everybody saw at last weekend’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, Tiger is a one-of-a-kind champion with an unbelievable flair for the dramatic. His collectibles will continue to command top dollar and likely appreciate over time.”

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