Part IV of Tuff Stuffs Whats It Worth feature

(Fourth and final installment of Tuff Stuff’s Waht’s It Worth Series)

Tuff Stuff’s new “What’s It Worth?” feature has returned. For several years our readers have asked us to evaluate their memorabilia because with the ever-changing economics of the hobby those prices are always fluxuating.
While our price guides remain the best source to get an accurate value for your sports cards, collectors wanted a reliable source to turn to to get the same type of dependable pricing for the other items in their collections. And now they have that source.

Every collector has several memorabilia items they’re dying to know the value of. We at Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly are here to help. Continuing with this issue (and running bi-monthly moving forward), we’ll provide you with an all-knowing memorabilia expert and you can submit your descriptions and find out the value of your items free of charge. You simply provide a brief, yet detailed description of your item (along with an image, if possible) and our expert will provide his analysis.

The owner of two successful sports memorabilia retail stores for more than 25 years and an avid collector for many more, Jeff Lemieux knows the hobby like few others. The veteran host of ESPN radio show “What’s It Worth” and co-host of the TV show “Sports Attic,” which employs a similar theme, Lemieux can evaluate sports memorabilia with the best of them.

Because he’s a collector himself and understands the importance of accurate assessments regarding sports memorabilia, Lemiuex has graciously offered to lend his skills and give our readers a source to turn to. While we can’t guarantee that all of the submissions we receive will be evaluated, we will stuff as many as we can into the pages of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly every other month; we’ll also post them on

The more unique the item the more description our expert will need so please be specific and include an image of the item if possible. Items sent to our expert for evaluation will be taken randomly and because we expect a large quality of submissions, we can’t guarantee your item will make the cut but we will evaluate as many as we can fit on our Tuff Stuff pages and many of those that don’t make it in the magazine will then be posted on
To make a submission for evaluation you can simply e-mail, list as many facts as you can in a two-to-three paragraph write-up along with any images that may help and put “What’s It Worth?” in the subject line of your e-mail. Then make sure you check out every issue of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly and visit regularly to read your evaluations.


Orr/Williams/Bird Signed Photo
I found this at a sale. I don’t know nothing about it. It’s 12 inches by 15 inches. Like to know your thoughts. What’s it Worth?

Rich Scott

The greatest in their respective sports these three sports icon Bobby Orr, Ted Williams, Larry Bird hand signed this wonderful photo known as “The Boys of Boston”. These signed photos limited and hand numbered out of 1000. This fine collectable has an estimated retail value of $1500 – $2000

Jerry Rice Game-Used Jersey
The item I have a question about is a 1994 game-used Jerry Rice Jersey Throwback from the early part of the season with 75 year patch. What’s it Worth?

Adam Allgrove

What can you say about Jerry Rice that has not already been said? Arguably the greatest receiver ever to step on the grid iron. 1994 was special year for the NFL and the 49ers. It was the NFL’s 75th Anniversary and the same year that the 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX 49-26. I would put an estimated value of $2,500-$3,000 on this jersey.

Mantle/Ruth/Gehrig/Cy Young Autos

We have a Babe Ruth, Cy Young, and Lou Gehrig autographs. We also have a Mickey Mantle bat. We would love to know, What are they Worth?

Michelle Garbison

Mickey Mantle signed bats can range in the $2,500-$5,000 range depending on the type of bat and the authenticity. It’s extremely important to get the right type of Authenticity on a bat like this. I would recommend PSA/DNA for getting it certified.

As for the cut autographs I would put an estimate value  for Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig $2,500-$3,500 and Cy Young at $1,500 -$2,000

Phil Hughes Nameplate
I have a locker nameplate from Yankee Stadium from the 2007 season for Phil Hughes.  This was his rookie year, and the next year I was lucky enough to have him autograph it in silver Sharpie while he started the season in the minor leagues. I was just wondering what your thoughts were for this item, being it was his rookie season, and also it came from the old Yankee Stadium. The nameplate, has Steiner stickers and I also have additional paperwork from them authenticating it.

Bobby, from Scranton

Player locker nameplates are a neat collectable and with professional teams offering them for sale in recent years they have become a little more easily obtainable. Steiner Sports is one company that has partnered up with different teams to sell and distribute team’s stadium artifacts. Steiner Sports currently offering non autographed 2007 name plates of Roger Clemens for $500 and Andy Petite for $400. Phil Hughes in his rookie season in 2007 went 5-3 and this year had his best season with a record 18-8. Being from his rookie season and that it’s signed does help the value.  I would put an estimate value of $125 – $175.

Charley Trippi Autograph Card
I have  a 1 of 1 Topps Cut Signature Charley Trippi card. What’s it Worth?

Westly Young

The Chicago Cardinals pick Charley Trippi with the first pick in the 1945 NFL Draft.  He played for the Cardinals from 1947-1955 and was inducted into the NFL Hall Of Fame in 1968. His autographs are fairly reasonable with 8×10’s sell in the $15-$25 range. He has autograph cards in a few different products. Most of his signed cards are limited to 50 or 100 and sell in the $25-$75 range. Because your autograph card is a 1/1, I would put and estimate value of $150-$200

Packers Signed Mini-Helmet
I have a Green Bay Packers two-bar minihelmet signed by Max McGee, Herb Adderley, Forrest Gregg, Bart Starr, Willie Wood, Carroll Dale, Bob Jeter, Willie Davis, Tom Brown, Boyd Dowler, Jerry Kramer, Dave Robinson, and Paul Hornung.  Davis, Gregg and Wood put HOF on the helmet and the others placed their jersey number. I have pictures and tickets of each signing.

Bob McCoy

You have some great Green Bay Packers autographs and your mini helmet.  To put an estimate value on an item like this is always hard to do. Any time you have this many players on one item it’s never worth what single-signed helmets of the same guys would be worth.
For example a mini-helmet signed by just Bart Starr sells in the $125-$175 range and a Max McGee helmet sells in the $75-$100 range. I would put an estimate value of $175-$250.

Triple Crown Winner Signed Print
I have a 11×14 Ron Lewis color lithograph signed by him  the last four Triple  Crown  winners: Frank Robinson, Ted Williams,  Mickey Mantle and Carl Yastrzemski. Each player is autographed with the years they won. What’s it Worth?

Vince Urgo

There hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner in baseball since 1967. The last four to accomplish this feat are indeed these four players, Ted William in 1947, Mickey Mantle in 1956, Frank Robinson in 1966, and Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. I would put an estimate value of $850-$1,200

Curt Flood Signed Poster
I have a Sports Illustraded poster from the mid-to-late 1960s of the Cardinals Curt Flood. I took it to one of Randy Hundley’s Fantasy Baseball Camps (1995) when Curt was one of the former players and got him to sign it “Best Wishes, Curt Flood. It was signed in black Sharpie.  The poster has no pin holes or tape marks and has been displayed in a poster frame, away from direct sunlight. What’s it Worth?

Mike McKay

 The SI poster you have is from 1968 and unsigned sells in the $45-$60 range. Curt Flood died at an early age of 59 in 1997 which has made his autograph tougher to find. An autographed sigle-signed baseball sells in the $350-$500 range. So I would an estimated value of $200-$300 on your poster.

1951 Detroit Tigers Pennant
I have a 1951 Detroit Tigers pennant that is made of felt material. It is 5 inches wide and 25 inches long. The tip has several pin holes in it with a small tear. See attached. What’s it Worth?

Donn Ross

In 1951 the Tigers finished with a 73-81 record which was good enough for fifth place and was 25 games behind the New York Yankees. In recent years pennants have become more sought after do to the fact that for a long time they were viewed as under valued because the demand has grown the prices for these pennants have start to increase. As with any collectable item condition is very important when determining the value. Because of the pin holes in the pennant I would put an estimate value of $45-$65 for your pennant.

Cy Young Signed Postcard

I have a autographed “Cy Young” HOF postcard. It has been authenicated by PSA in California. Sorry, I forgot to take pic of authenification document. My Grandfather met Cy Young way back when, and secured this autograph. It was given to my Dad whom in turn gave it to me. It is under protective glass hanging in my house. What’s it Worth? 

 Scott Van Gundy

Autographed Hall of Fame Plaque Postcards have been one of the most popular collectible items for baseball hobbyist since they were introduced.  The Cy Young postcard was made on the black-and-white version which was produced from 1943-1963. The unsigned postcards can be purchase for 25 cents or by the set of 244 for $40. The Cy Young postcard you have is a great item. I would put an estimate value of $1,500-$2,000

HOF Signed Wheaties Box

I have something that I have yet see up for sale anywhere. Due to the passing of two of the people who signed it, this item cannot be duplicated.
It’s a Wheaties box from 1995. It is an NFL 75th Anniversary box with NFL legends Sammy Baugh, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Dick Butkus and Don Shula. It is signed in black by all of them. Don Shula and Jerry Rice signed just this past spring at a Tri-Star show. It cost quite a bit to have them sign it ( I think around $250 total for both) so I hope it was worth it. Sammy Baugh signed at a private signing in Texas about 9 or 10 years ago. Walter Payton was the first to sign, I believe it was right before his passing. I had to make a donation to the Payton/Halas charity and Dick Butkus was at a card show. Although I don’t intend to sell, I would like to know at least value wise it is a good investment.
The box still has the cereal in it. I am contemplating taking it out even though it is in a plastic case. What’s it Worth?

Frank Schwartz

Albert Pujols Framed Autograph
I have a multi-signed Albert Pujols framed photo. What’s it Worth?

Bryon Lipe

Wow, that’s a lot of Albert Pujols autographs in one framed piece. Albert Pujols is one of the most sought after and toughest autographs for current MLB players. Signal signed baseballs sell in the $300-$500 range and 8×10’s sell in the $250-$350 range with that being said, I would put an estimate value of $1,700-$2,700. Very impressive item.

The tough part about putting a value on your item is although it has some great signatures the fact that they’re all on the same Wheaties box makes it less desirable in the eyes of most collectors. Compare to if you had these same autographs on a limited-edition print or a full-size helmet or football which are all more collectible items. In many cases the autograph value of an item can go up in price once that person passes away. Because Walter Payton passed at such a young age his autograph memorabilia value increased quiet a bit since his death, although in some cases if an athlete passes later life and has done a consirable amount of signings he or she’s autograph value may stay the same. With all this being said, you do indeed have a unique item and should be proud of it. I would put an estimate value of $400-$600.  SCM

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