Topps Adds Autographed Patch Cards to Finest

Limited-edition autographed rookie cards, featuring an NFL Shield Patch and sequentially numberedd to just 15, will be randomly inserted into boxes of 2008 Finest Football.

Thirty-four 2008 NFL rookies will be highlighted (see checklist below) on spectacular Finest Refractor cards.
Rookie Autograph NFL Shield Patch Checklist
102              John David Booty                      Minnesota Vikings
104              Brian Brohm                              Green Bay Packers
105              Joe Flacco                                  Baltimore Ravens
106              Chad Henne                              Miami Dolphins
109              Matt Ryan                                    Atlanta Falcons
112              Jamaal Charles                        Kansas City Chiefs
114              Matt Forté                         Chicago Bears
116              Chris Johnson                          Tennessee Titans
117              Felix Jones                                 Dallas Cowboys
118              Darren McFadden                     Oakland Raiders
119              Rashard Mendenhall               Pittsburgh Steelers
121              Ray Rice                                     Baltimore Ravens
122              Dustin Keller                              New York Jets
123              Steve Slaton                               Houston Texans
124              Kevin Smith                                Detroit Lions
125              Jonathan Stewart                      Carolina Panthers
126              Kevin O’Connell                        New England Patriots
128              Donnie Avery                              St. Louis Rams
129              Earl Bennett                               Chicago Bears
130              Dexter Jackson                         Tampa Bay Buccaneers
131              Jerome Simpson                      Cincinnati Bengals
133              Andre Caldwell                          Cincinnati Bengals
134              Early Doucet III                          Arizona Cardinals
135              Harry Douglas                           Atlanta Falcons
136              James Hardy                             Buffalo Bills
137              Jordy Nelson                             Green Bay Packers
138              DeSean Jackson                      Philadelphia Eagles
139              Malcolm Kelly                            Washington Redskins
140              Mario Manningham                  New York Giants
141              Limas Sweed                            Pittsburgh Steelers
142              Eddie Royal                               Denver Broncos
143              Devin Thomas                           Washington Redskins
149              Jake Long                                  Miami Dolphins
150              Glenn Dorsey                            Kansas City Chiefs

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