Favre . . . on a tractor . . . in Times Square

On the heels of Brett Favre’s debut win as Jets quarterback, Topps announced that it has created a follow-up to the much-popular Brett Favre “Tractor Card” with the quarterback’s ride going all the way to the Big Apple, in Times Square, no less.  
Topps has produced another limited-edition “Tractor Card,” but this version has Favre driving his tractor under the bright lights of Times Square wearing his New York Jets helmet.  The 2008 Topps Branded card will be exclusively seeded into packs of 2008 Bowman Football (releasing the second week of October).
The “Tractor Card,” which appears as a very limited short printed variation in 2008 Topps Football, depicts then-Packer quarterback Brett Favre riding a tractor (one thing he wanted to do in retirement) on Lambeau Field.

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