Deal could give Packers exclusive right to Favre autographs

One of the elements of the marketing deal that will reportedly be offered to Brett Favre by the Green Bay Packers will give the team exclusive rights to Favre’s autographed memorabilia. According to a draft of the agreement obtained by Sporting News Today, the Packers’ 10-year deal for Favre includes a line of clothing, merchandise and collectibles. The Packers Pro Shop would become the exclusive distributor of autographed Favre memorabilia, and Favre would sign 300 items a year for the team’s use. Favre would also be required to make 10 personal appearances each year.

The marketing deal for Favre was first put together by the Packers after he announced his retirement in March. Team officials discussed it briefly with Favre before his trade to the Jets, and it was portrayed by some media outlets as a bribe to keep Favre in retirement. The team is expected to make a formal proposal to Favre after he finishes his playing career. He would not be the first athlete to sign a deal with his former team. John Elway and Dan Marino have marketing deals with the Broncos and Dolphins, respectively.

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