1910 T211 Red Sun Tobacco cards up for bids

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A significant collection of 1910 T211 Red Sun Cigarettes baseball cards is currently being offered by Hunt Auctions.

Red Sun backSince the earliest days of card collecting, T211 Red Sun cards have been highly prized due to their extreme rarity, distinctive design, and vibrant red advertising backs. The issue is considered one of the scarcest tobacco card sets, with only a scant few eRed Sun tobacco cardxamples of each card known.

The set is comprised of players from the Southern Association and features many players that are in few or no other card issues.

It’s believed this is the first time this particular group of cards have been offered in the hobby.

The offered collection consists of (50) cards, constituting two-thirds of the set. Each card has been graded by SGC, ranging from SGC 10 PR to SGC 60 EX, with a few examples being the highest graded by SGC. Each card is being sold individually, allowing collectors an Red Sun baseball cardunprecedented opportunity to obtain an example of a true rarity in the baseball card hobby.

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