Autographs of rookies, ‘old-timers’ are in high demand

(Oct. 5, 2005) — As you might expect, this year’s NFL season has produced a new crop of players whose autographs have quickly become high-demand items among collectors. Many of the players are rookies, but some “old-timers” who most had been written off began the season on high notes as well. The player with the quickest vault to the top of the list is the Steelers’ Willie Parker.

Only the avid fan was aware of his presence on the team until injuries to Jerome Bettis and Duce Staley thrust him into the starting role. And Parker didn’t disappoint. He’s now near the top of many wantlists, and his signed insert cards which were once found in commons bins have appreciated nicely. Another player you might want to consider adding to your collection is Tampa Bay’s Carnell “Cadillac” Williams. It looks like he will have much more of an impact than his former Auburn teammate Ronnie Brown will have in Miami, but Brown’s is still an autograph worth having. The Bears’ Kyle Orton played with surprising poise after being named the team’s starting quarterback. Chicago hasn’t been much to speak of lately, but may now have finally found the building block that will allow them to again compete on a weekly basis.

In the veterans’ corner, Browns quarterback Trent Dilfer is just the kind of player that Browns fans and collectors love. Meanwhile, Drew Bledsoe answered the call made by his former coach Bill Parcells. Dallas is among the most collected teams, so the demand for Bledsoe’s signature on Cowboys items is there. These are just a few players whose autographs you might consider adding to your collection. If you pass on the young players, you’ll probably wish you hadn’t at some point. If you already own autographs of Dilfer and Bledsoe, consider adding something related to their new teams.

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