Rick Porcello Headlines Enhanced Topps ’08 Draft Picks Checklist

On the heels of announcing the addition of catching phenom Buster Posey as an autograph subject in the upcoming 2008 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball, Topps has included more enhancements to the much-anticipated product.
Topps is pleased to announce that the Draft Picks & Prospects base-card checklist will now include top pitching prospect Rick Porcello (image attached) among others.  The updated Draft Pick subject list is as follows:
BDPP1 Rick Porcello Detroit Tigers SS

BDPP2 Braedon Schlehuber Atlanta Braves C

BDPP3 Kenny Wilson Toronto Blue Jays OF

BDPP4 Jeff Lanning Minnesota Twins C

BDPP5 Kevin Dubler Chicago White Sox C

BDPP6 Eric Campbell New York Mets 3B

BDPP7 Tyler Chatwood Angels P

BDPP8 Tyreace House Oakland Athletics OF

BDPP9 Adrain Nieto Washington Nationals C

BDPP10 Robbie Grossman Pittburgh Pirates OF

BDPP11 Jordan Danks Chicago White Sox OF

BDPP12 Jay Austin Houston Astros OF

BDPP13 Ryan Perry Detroit Tigers P

BDPP14 Ryan Chaffee Angels P

BDPP15 Niko Vasquez St. Louis Cardinals SS

BDPP16 Shane Dyer Tampa Bay Rays OF

BDPP17 Benji Gonzalez Pittburgh Pirates SS

BDPP18 Miles Reagan Arizona Diamondbacks P

BDPP19 Anthony Ferrara St. Louis Cardinals P

BDPP20 Markus Brisker Toronto Blue Jays OF

BDPP21 Justin Bristow Chicago Cubs P

BDPP22 Richard Bleier Texas Rangers P

BDPP23 Jeremy Beckham Tampa Bay Rays 2B

BDPP24 Xavier Avery Baltimore Orioles OF

BDPP25 Christian Vazquez Boston Red Sox C9

BDPP26 Nick Romero Minnesota Twins OF

BDPP27 Trey Watten Milwaukee Brewers P


Brett Jacobsen Detroit Tigers P

BDPP29 Tyler Sample Kansas City Royals P

BDPP30 T.J. Steele Houston Astros OF4

BDPP31 Christian Freidrich Colorado Rockies P1

BDPP32 Graham Hicks Washington Nationals P

BDPP33 Shane Peterson St. Louis Cardinals OF

BDPP34 Brett Hunter Oakland Athletics P

BDPP35 Tim Federowicz Boston Red Sox OF

BDPP36 Isaac Galloway Florida Marlins OF

BDPP37 Logan Schafer Milwaukee Brewers OF

BDPP38 Paul Demny Washington Nationals P

BDPP39 Clayton Shunick Cincinnati Reds P

BDPP40 Andrew Lieble Toronto Blue Jays P

BDPP41 Brandon Crawford San Francisco Giants SS

BDPP42 Blake Tekotte San Diego Padres OF

BDPP43 Jason Corder Tampa Bay Rays OF

BDPP44Bryan Shaw Arizona Diamondbacks P

BDPP45 Edgar Olmos Florida Marlins P

BDPP46 Dusty Coleman Oakland Athletics SS

BDPP47 Johnny Giavotella Kansas City Royals 2B

BDPP48 Tyson Ross Oakland Athletics P

BDPP49 Brent Morel Chicago White Sox 3B

BDPP50 Dennis Raben Seattle Mariners OF

BDPP51 Jake Odorizzi Milwaukee Brewers P

BDPP52 Ryne White Arizona Diamondbacks OF

BDPP53 Devaris Strange-Gordon Los Angeles Dodgers P

BDPP54 Tim Murphy Texas Rangers P

BDPP55 Jake Jefferies Tampa Bay Rays C

BDPP56 Anthony Capra Oakland Athletics P

BDPP57 Kyle Weiland Boston Red Sox P

BDPP58 Anthony Bass San Diego Padres P

BDPP59 Scott Green Detroit Tigers P

BDPP60 Zeke Spruill Atlanta Braves

BDPP61 L.J. Hoes Baltimore Orioles 2B

BDPP62 Tyler Cline Cincinnati Reds P

BDPP63 Matt Cerda Chicago Cubs C

BDPP64 Bobby Lanigan Minnesota Twins P

BDPP65 Mike Sheridan Tampa Bay Rays 1B

Each $3 pack of Draft Picks & Prospects includes seven cards (4 Bowman, 2 Bowman Chrome and 1 Parallel card).  And each box guarantees 1 Autographed Chrome Prospect Card.

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