Huge Turnout for FanFest’s Big Apple Debut

Everything is bigger in New York, so it should come as no surprise that the 2008 MLB All-Star FanFest – which wrapped up a five-day run Tuesday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center – was one of the biggest in recent memory.

Upper Deck and Topps dominated the front part of the show with large displays. Both of Major League Baseball’s trading card licensees offered a variety of contests, giveaways and wrapper redemption programs.

“The traffic at the booth has been outstanding. Our commemorative Yankee patch cards sold out in a couple of days, All-Star complete sets have been hot sellers and the redemption line has been non-stop,” said Clay Luraschi, baseball brand manager for the Topps Co.

Upper Deck was handing out different strips of its Yankee Legacy insert set, in addition to displaying the entire 6,661-card collection in a display case.

“As far as the show itself is concerned, the lines speak for themselves,” said Upper Deck spokesman Terry Melia. “These people are really enthusiastic and passionate about their Yankees and their legends. They are all here waiting patiently in line, some up to four or five hours. Our Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection has gotten a lot of interest and a lot of buzz just around the show. We’ve had a couple of radio stations come by and ask us questions, so we are really proud of this.”

McFarlane Toys was also on hand, offering special Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly figures. “We did a pretty deep production run for New York because we knew there would be a lot of fans out here,” said McFarlane’s Mark Weber. “We made 6,000 Jeter figures and 4,000 Mattinglys. We made more Jeters because it was an original pose for him, whereas Mattingly was the classic pose we released a couple of years ago. It did great because it was in pinstripes originally.”

Official attendance figures have yet to be released, but Major League Baseball had been expecting approximately 150,000 people to attend the five-day event.

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