Baseball Market Report 2

Baseball collectors love to speculate on rookies and this offseason has been no exception, as some of the most active cards in the hobby are 2007’s most promising prospects.

No prospect is getting more attention from collectors than Philip Hughes, with all of his 2004 rookie cards on the rise the past several months. His 2004 SP Prospects rookie autograph #304 has jumped from $130 to $180 the past two months and his 2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks rookie autograph #174 has climbed from $110 to $165 the past three months.

Homer Bailey is another hot pitching prospect expected to contribute for the Cincinnati Reds sometime in 2007, with his 2004 SP Prospects rookie autograph #293 has moved up from $100 to $140 the past two months. Due to demand for rookie autographs of Hughes and Bailey among others, values for unopened boxes of 2004 Bowman Draft Picks jump to $120 while 2004 SP Prospects boxes climb to $140.

The Kansas City Royals may be doormats of the American League but with a stocked farm system their fortunes may start to change. Alex Gordon leads the class but there’s more help on the way, as Billy Butler and Luke Hochevar could also contribute at some point in 2007. All of Gordon’s 2006 autographs are in hot demand, with his 2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BC221 and 2006 Topps Autograph #AG both jump to $240 this month. Butler’s 2005 Bowman Chrome rookie autograph #353 is priced at $100 and Hochevar’s 2006 Bowman Sterling Autograph is active at $50.

After a woeful 2006 season in which they won only 66 games, Chicago Cubs fans have reason to be optimistic for 2007 with a lineup featuring Alfonso Soriano, a healthy Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez. At some point in 2007, Felix Pie should get a chance to help the Cubs fortunes and display his five-tool talents. Collectors are anticipating Pie’s impact, with his 2003 Bowman’s Best rookie autograph #FP jumping to $85.

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