Bartman appearance ‘won’t happen’ at National

Infamous Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman isn’t eager to cash in on a $25,000 offer from the National Sports Collectors Convention to sign a single autograph at this week’s show.

Frank Murtha, a family friend and spokesman for Bartman, told the Chicago Sun-Times that the offer is “another gratuitous use of his name” and that the signing “won’t happen.”

Murtha said the offer is the latest in what he describes as “shameless and tacky” promotions designed to cash in on Bartman’s name and likeness and suggested the family is considering taking legal action against companies from doing so.

“We’re taking a tougher look at a lot of things,” Murtha told the newspaper. “We’re going to enforce some certain commercial uses of Steve’s image and likeness – either outright prohibiting it or taking some action to turn them into donations.”

Murtha noted Bartman has previously turned down a six-figure offer to appear in a Super Bowl TV ad.

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