Strasburg card sets new mark with $25,000 sale price

While the Red autographed Stephen Strasburg card auction was pulled after bogus bids threatened the $1 million mark, the 1-fo-1 2010 Bowman SuperFractor sale was completed on Monday evening and it set a new record in the process.

Robert Power held on to to the treasure for just several weeks after purchasing it for $16,403 and indicating at the time that it would likely take $30,000 for him to sell it. But after riding the wave of publicity the initail auction created, Power decided to flip it and he made a profit of nearly $9,000 by doing so. The auction closed June 28 with a final selling price of an even $25,000 to a seller, who for the moment, wishes to remain nameless.

While many are expecting a similar flip from the latest buyer, only time will tell. After five MLB starts, Strasburg holds a 2-2 record with a 2.27 ERA with 55 strikeouts and nine walks in approximately 30 innings of work. Strasburg is scheduled to take the mound on July 2, as the Nationals host the New York Mets.

The autographed card pulled from eBay late June 27 won’t be making a return appearance to the online giant anytime soon. After the attempted sale was peppered with fake bids and subsequently pulled, the owner has now decided to consign the highly coveted card to Huggins & Scott Auctions who will feature the cardboard treasure in its next sale.


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