When your Favorite Team is Pathetic

I’m not even going to try and spin this into a collecting angle or whatever. This is a pure rant on the Milwaukee Brewers, one of the most putrid franchises in professional sports.

Being in Wisconsin, I’ve followed this team since I could talk. Even then, I don’t remember 1982 when the team last made it to the World Series much less the playoffs (of course, they didn’t win). I’m sick of 1982, don’t care about 1982 any more and wish the team would burn that banner.

So I was pleasantly surprised when the team took off from June-August, building a nice Wild Card lead. And then the real Brewers showed up once again.

Since September appeared on the calendar, the Brewers got all scared their vacation might get postponed and started playing like crap, dropping seven of nine and forgetting how to field, hit and occasionally pitch. If one of their pitchers gives up more than two runs, you can chalk up a lose for the Crew. Ridiculous. The team is batting about .200 for about two weeks. Don’t ask about their average with runners in scoring position.

I hear all about how great all of these young players are now that they have a few seasons under their belts, and they wilt under pressure. The veterans are washed-ups part-timers being asked to contribute every day.

With something like 17 games left (and they still – somehow – had a Wild Card lead yet today), they could still turn it around. And then I hope I look at this blog post and chuckle at my extreme fandom.

Does anyone else get like this about their team?

One thought on “When your Favorite Team is Pathetic

  1. Piledriver on said:

    Man, I hear you. Looks a lot like last year for the Beermakers. The bullpen can’t hold a lead, and it looks like every game they are playing not to lose. Fielder can’t hit .260 if the team is going anywhere. Hardy, Hall, Weeks … to many underachievers at the plate. They rely waaaaay to much on hitting the ball out of the park. Waaaaay to many bad at-bats where guys don’t look like they have a clue.

    Weeks looks like a bust. Guys who can’t make contact don’t normally make it as everyday players, unless they are gold glovers.

    Yost will be gone if they choke away the Wild Card. The Philly series may be the make or break series of the year for Yost, and maybe for his career in Milwaukee.

    Hey, it could be worse. You could be a fan of the Raiders, Lions, LA Clippers, Arizona Cardinals … there are a few out there with worse track records the last 20 years than the Brewers. But not many!

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