When players turn out to be babies

Anyone catch the Vince Young saga the last few days? He plays like crap, gets booed off the field, pouts like a little kid in the huddled and then four plays later, hurts his knee. And then it gets fun.

His mom calls the team about her son’s “depressed” state, and the media runs with it, questioning his commitment to the team and football in general. Of course, Young then piped up and said he’s all about football and no one should worry.

Well, if I was a Titans fans, I’d be worried. Here is the leader of the team playing badly in the first place. But then he can’t handle adversity enough to the point his mom brings it to the public’s attention? That’s never good.

I think part of it is that some of these young athletes never have to grow up. Everything is handed to them on a silver platter, and as soon as one little thing doesn’t go their way, they can’t handle it. With millions of dollars thrown at them at such a young age, no one says “No” and most problems are taken care of because no one wants to upset them.

Now imagine being a coach and having to work with 50 of these types of characters. No thank you.

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