What card set do you enjoy?

We’ve opened a lot of boxes of cards the past few weeks, from high-end examples to some more collector-friendly items. Some of the boxes we have opened include:

  • Icons Football
  • Topps Co-Signers Basketball
  • Bowman Sterling Football
  • Legends Masterpieces Hockey
  • UD Ballpark Collection
  • Topps Football
  • and more.

So when it comes time for you, the true collectors out there, to pony up for a box of cards – what do you shoot for? I’m looking for sport, high-end vs lower-end and what turns you on to the particular product.

For me, the high-end stuff is always nice to open, but I can’t afford to play that game for any length of time. I like the base products that showcase the stars and rookies and can throw me a bone or two with a patch card or auto at least once or twice in the box. I still get a kick out of patch cards, regardless of their value.

We were talking in the office the other day in how affordable patch cards are, and they would make for an attractive display. Perhaps I can expand my Robin Yount collection….

One thought on “What card set do you enjoy?

  1. brett on said:

    I stay away from the high end stuff as well. Just to expensive for my wallet. Seems like alot of people who bust those are looking to turn it around on Ebay rather than collect . As for box busts I like the retro themed stuff . Allen &Ginter was one of my favorites when it first came out but by the 3rd year it’s over done . My all time favorite is the Topps 206 I worked on the mini set and need about 80 more to finish ,not to bad for a 525 card plus parallel set .I’ll complete it but it will take a while. Keep having fun with your cards,Brett

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