Tom Bartsch – University of Zero

I watched a fair amount of football over the Thanksgiving break. I like the college game (GA. Tech with a nice comeback), but I watch the NFL, too.

However, one thing is bugging me big time. The introductions have switched up with the players either introducing themselves or someone introducing their teammates.

Well, when one players does the introductions, you only learn about half the players, and ten it’s only by nicknames with no mention of that college they played for. I like knowing what college they played for, as I try to remember them playing or can think back to their college days and remark how they’ve lasted in the NFL this long.

Now when the players introduce themselves, it’s all about making a scene. THE U. of Ohio. The Big T. Pinewood Elementary. Contrary to belief, I don’t think it’s cute, funny or even informational. Just say where you went to school and move on.

If you’re good enough, you’ll get all the attention you need with your five second of fame in introductions.

Nothing hard hitting here, just warming up before heading back to work for the Turkey break. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and have your holiday lists filled with sports collectibles. We’ll get rolling with some more news and box breaks this week.

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