Sproles a New Idol, College Hoops' Three-Point Bust

OK, the holidays have finally passed us by and now it’s back to the basics of work. And for some NFL teams, it’s back to the drawing board for next season.

The Colts/Chargers game was one of the more fun games I watched all season. It’s a pleasure watching Darren Sproles. If I was a kid again, I’d wear his uniform number in every sport I played because he is about the same height as I am. I always pull for the little guy.

Other “little guy” favorites from my past include Spud Webb, Mike Felder (baseball) and Mugsy Bogues.

I also enjoyed watching the Cardinals taking care of business. Kurt Warner looks younger with no facial hair, and he looks a little weird wearing gloves indoors with short sleeves, but he’s doing wonderful things behind center. It doesn’t hurt having arguably two of the best wide receivers in the league roaming the field, either.

You knew the Vikings wouldn’t go far with Tavaris Jackson at the helm. Even with the dynamic Adrian Peterson, you need to be able to throw the ball once in a while (and not to the other team).

And then there is the Ravens, a team that seems to boast the best defense every year. Do Ray Lewis and Ed Reed ever age? I remember picking that team in Fantasy drafts 10 years ago.

I also watched bits and pieces of the NC/Boston College game, Louisville/Kentucky and Wisconsin/Penn State. It’s good to see that moving the three-point line back a foot has done nothing to deter teams from throwing up three-pointers all game. Sure, three points is better than two, but for a lot of teams, if they don’t hit their threes, they won’t win.
Yet three-pointers are 30-percent odds at beat. Why rely on them to win games? I’ll never figure that one out.

Oh, and to UNC opponents in the next few weeks – watch out. I bet Roy Williams might have them rev up their defensive intensity just a bit in the games ahead.

Yes, I watched a lot of TV this weekend. But it’s Wisconsin in winter – what do you want from me?


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