Sports Fans: Enjoy the Now

Sports can be really funny at times. It seems no one is content with the present, instead always looking ahead to some other deadline or opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, teams do have to look ahead in terms growth, but sometimes it’s ridiculous.

For instance, let’s talk about LeBron James. Instead of his current play with the Cavs and the potential for another postseason run, all anyone wants to talk about is how he could be a New York Knick …. in 2010. Yup, James played in MSG, scored at will and all anyone in the NY media could think  about is how he will look in a Knick uniform TWO years from now. Do you know how much can happen in two years?

Of course James deflected the answer as to whether he would like to play for the Knicks, though he didn’t deflect the answer as to whether he would turn down more money to bring in better talent on whatever team he is on. He’s all about having talent around him, but he wants his pay-day, no question.

So I guess for all the Knicks fans, especially after all of the salary cap-focused trades last week, just sit on your hands for the next two seasons. After all, you might – just might – get LeBron James in free agency in 2010. Don’t mind that whatever you’ll see on the court in the meantime will be nothing short of garbage.

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