MLBPA Taking Aim at Youngsters

MLB Players Association summer hobby shop promotion, dubbed the Big League Blast, concluded in August, reportedly with solid results from the 250 hobby shops that participated in the four-month promotion. During the promotion’s run, customers who visited participating hobby shops … Read More

Ernie Davis Story Got Me Thinking

There are plenty of times when you run across names in the sporting world and, aside from knowing they won a particular trophy or award, you know little else about them, either biographical or how they got on the big … Read More

Team-signed balls are a love/hate affair

I have found a new collecting category for my world that is rather aggravating, yet quite rewarding at the same time. I’ve been branching out from simple yearbooks to autographed balls. In particular, I’ve been intrigued by team-signed balls.  I … Read More

Favre is Good Business for Football Cards

The circus surrounding Brett Favre is almost comical. I think it will make for a great insert set for Upper Deck’s Predictor series or one of the caricature cards the company has produced in the past. Perhaps Favre could be … Read More

Finding Answers to Collectors' Questions

The last few days have been rather interesting for me. As someone who has worked in hobby publications since college, I figured that most folks who collect know what they are collecting and have a general understanding of their value. … Read More

Learning the Non-Sport Side of Cards

If you believe there are a lot of sports cards in existence, you’d definitely be right. The Standard Cards of Baseball Cards is proof of that, and that huge tome covers just one sport. However, if you were to turn … Read More

A Must-Visit: Cooperstown

When it comes to must-visits involving professional sports, the list is a mile long and ranges from Wrigley and Lambeau Fields to Lake Placid. Each destination depends on personal preference and each holds a special place of honor for a … Read More

Watch Pujols Now While You Can

Sometimes, you just have to sit back and realize what you are witnessing. While I make this reference in terms of sporting achievements, it’s probably good advice in general. I bring this up, because we just did a story in … Read More