Now is a Great Time for Sports

This time of year is quite busy for the sports fan and collector. You’ve got the baseball season heading into the postseason, football season – both college and pro – are in full swing, basketball training camps are kicking off for the pro and college ranks and hockey season is already underway as well.

If you’re a sports fan and you can’t find anything to watch (even NASCAR to counting down to the Chase title), then something is wrong. Every night something is on, usually more than one, and all have an air of excitement this time of year. For me, the postseason of baseball is the ultimate, even if all of the “high-priced” teams are participating this year. (Wasn’t last year fun with the Tampa Bay Rays?)

Thanks to that backdrop, I also think it’s a great time of year for sports collectibles. Players and teams participating in the World Series become instant commodities, especially if you’re on the winning team. Heck, there are probably people out there who covet David Eckstein autographs just because he was named a World Series MVP. And if the Yankees win, watch out for the avalanche of Yankees items, especially with A-Rod finally winning a title. With the new stadium, Jeter’s milestone hit and a possible World Series run, it’s been quite the year for Yanks fans. 

With basketball and hockey just getting underway, the card manufacturers are in full swing with new products – especially centering around the rookie crop in each sport. It’s a great time to get signatures of these players before they don’t sign at all or do so for extraordinary prices only at shows.
On the gridiron, the focus is currently on Brett Favre and Michael Vick, but it’s a great time to see if Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams and Mario Manningham can reach superstar status.

But this time of year is also great for sports collectors because of all the auctions that routinely take place in the fourth quarter of the year. There probably isn’t a better time to look for collectibles than the rush before the holidays. People need cash and people need gifts – it’s a match made in heaven.

We’ll watch it all play out before we close out 2009. With many changes coming in 2010 in the collectibles market, 2009 might seem rather tame in the end, depending on the outcome of the next three months of sports action. It’s sure going to be a lot of fun to see how everything plays out. Will Favre be a hero in purple?    

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