I can't stay away . . . from Miller Park

Yup, I swore at the Brewers (sorry, from Wisconsin) up and down for the last several weeks. And now they’re one game out of the Wild Card. So what will I do? I’ll be seated in Miller Park tonight, still holding on to some postseason dream world that has been with me for 26 years.

Why I continue to torture myself is beyond me. But in the advent they actually make the playoffs, I’ll be the happiest man alive.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in that type of fandom.

Heck, if I’m lucky, Bob Uecker will toss some peanuts at me.

Gotta love the playoff push from the Central Division teams in baseball. (Oh, and the NL East).

One thought on “I can't stay away . . . from Miller Park

  1. brett on said:

    Sorry Tom I had you guys written off as out of the playoffs but was watching the other night and I always pull for the underdog. I hope you guys do make the playoffs . Watching the Brewers the other night reminded me of the great times as a kid rooting for them watching Molitor, Yount,Ganter, and Gorman Thomas ,Oglive and all the others battle the Cards in the Series.Tonight we find out if your team makes it best of luck,Brett

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