Favre is Good Business for Football Cards

The circus surrounding Brett Favre is almost comical. I think it will make for a great insert set for Upper Deck’s Predictor series or one of the caricature cards the company has produced in the past.

Perhaps Favre could be pictured with a waffle maker or a riding lawnmower (wait, that’s been done already). Either way, the situation surrounding Favre’s retirement announcements and playing again announcements with the Packers, Jets and now Vikings provides plenty of opportunities for card makers to have a little fun – and make some money, too.

Yes, like him or not – approve of his antics or not – Favre is a money-maker, too. Fans will come out in droves in Minnesota, and they will grab any merchandise and memorabilia related to the famed quarterback.

Think of some of the great cards that can now be made with just his jersey cards. You could have Super Bowl-worn Green Bay Packers cards, pieces of the famous white and green-striped jersey he wore in New York and the loud purple of the Vikings uniforms. And then they should release some of the triple relic cards in which you could incorporate all three of the jerseys. It would be quite colorful. However, you might run out of room on the back explaining the situation.

I hope none of the card manufacturers were planning on a tribute set after his second retirement from the Jets. Lord knows, enough of us fell for it the first time with the Packers. SCD’s parent company, F+W Media offered a commemorative book on Favre’s Packers career and released a magazine covering the legend. I believe the book hit the bookstores at just about the time Favre did an about-face and wanted to return to the field that resulted in his next toss taking place in the Meadowlands and not in Lambeau Field.
Barring a season-ending injury to Favre in the preseason, this does nothing but help NFL sales, including NFL trading cards. You don’t think Vikings fans (and Favre fans loyal to any of the three teams) won’t want to get a pasteboard of the gunslinger in “horns?”

The new NFL trading card market is basically fueled by rookies and the speculation on whether they will be the next Barry Sanders or the next Ron Dayne. Their autographs and patch cards are the main drivers of each set released throughout the year. However, there are a select few veteran players that are also coveted by collectors. Brett Favre is one of those players. The longer card companies can keep plugging him into products as part of the regular set, all the better. Of course, collectors will continue to see him in insert sets for years to come in throwback series, etc., that are used to fill out sets these days.

But this is the here and now, and now Favre is with the Vikings as the team’s starting quarterback. I wonder how many photographers rushed to Minnesota this week to get some shots of Favre for card products. I guess the first preseason game will be pretty popular for that, too. It’s just that those “photo-shopped” images just don’t cut it on cards any more.

What has been a little surprising is that there hasn’t been any announcements from the card companies about their Farve plans yet. Perhaps it’s too soon or perhaps it’s because he went through this once before to demand such treatment. When Favre joined the N.Y. Jets, the card companies got photos from the press conference and used those in their products. I think the New York stigma might have had something to do with that, as well.

Who knows what this will do for the Vikings on the field, but it certainly can’t hurt the football card market.

3 thoughts on “Favre is Good Business for Football Cards

  1. Dean on said:

    I agree that Farve is good for the game and also for the hobby. What would really be fun would be if he can take the team to the post season.

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