Don't Do It Reds, Sheffield Not Worth It

This blog entry is going to be short and sweet, as I saw this in one of the sports headlines for the day. It went something like this: Reds Look at Sheffield for Limited Role.

Huh? First, Gary Sheffield is like Allen Iverson – he wants to play whenever he can. He’s too proud to sit the bench. He needs to be on the field so he can be seen on camera and still be a star.
My distaste for Sheffield goes all the way back to his first few seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers – a place he didn’t want to be. You see, he freely admitted that he purposely booted ground balls at third base so the team would trade him. What a great teammate, eh?

But the Reds looking at Sheffield has me even more perplexed. This is a team that is now ready for the youngsters to take control of the team and call it theirs. With the departure of Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn, this is now a club led by Jay Bruce, Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips. Why would you want a malcontent like Sheffield on your team with those stars ready to take center stage? And there is no DH in the National League.

Don’t let Sheffield come in, get his 500 HRs (unless the club wants him just for that reason to draw more fans?) and then piss away the rest of the year. It’s a bad move and the Reds should look at other options (aside from ridding themselves of Dusty Baker).

Can you tell baseball season starts this weekend?

One thought on “Don't Do It Reds, Sheffield Not Worth It

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