Balboni, Kittle and Other 'Names' From the Past

I was checking out the latest episode of “Back on Topps” ( – comedy series that is based on fictional heirs to the Topps Co. While this show is getting away from anything actually related to the hobby, the name Steve Balboni did pop up in one of the episodes.

This reminds of some of the players I loved to make fun of growing up. Ron Kittle was another. I don’t know, I just thought the name was funny. I also got a kick out of Chet Lemon, Dan Quisenberry, Mark Brouhard (the blowhard) and Mookie Wilson. Sometimes these are a lot funnier in a 10-year-old’s mind.

Balboni also recalls some big boppers that quickly faded out. Kevin Maas comes to mind, as well. Dan Pasqua anyone? What about Kevin Reimer? I know this is like picking names out of the air, but these are names that stick with me, even the players didn’t stick in the majors long.

Some day we might say the same of David Price, or Matt Garza. Arm injuries are omnipresent in pitchers. That’s why we have to enjoy these players when they are performing well, so we can say we saw them when – no matter how short or far down the road that might be.

Anyone out there have some favorite “no-names” from the past that still roll around their memory banks?

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  1. brett on said:

    Brien Taylor, Jerome Walton, Dwight Smith, Mark Prior,David Clyde, JR Richards, Orestes Destrades,This could probably be an endless list. Those players all came to mind because of the card values rocketed sky high at the time they first came out and then all plummeted like the stock market. Great point for speculators . Brett

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