Bad Football Moves From the Weekend

I managed to catch a few of the football games this weekend, both college and professional, and man, did some teams miss a golden opportunity to win.

I first caught the end of the Wisconsin Badgers game against Michigan State and their Heisman hopeful Javon Ringer. While Ringer didn’t set the field on fire, Michigan State did win courtesy of some questionable events from the Badgers. First, the Badgers coach was flagged for a 15-yard penalty that helped keep a Michigan State drive alive that led to a score. And then with the game tied 16-16 with about 11 seconds left and the Spartans scrambling to get a field goal unit on the field (no timeouts left), the Badgers inexplicably called a timeout. Maybe they didn’t have the right number on the field or whatever, but why let the opposing team then get settled?

I didn’t see it myself, but apparently all Texas had to do to seal a victory over Texas Tech was have one of their secondary players catch an easy interception. Instead, on the next play Texas Tech threw for the game-winning touchdown. Oops.

And then there is my Fantasy Football team. Never trust a “report” that says a player is questionable, but he should play without any problems. Yeah, so you start that guy, he doesn’t play and you end up losing by a few points because the guy you left on the bench actually saw the field and posted some positive yardage.

I’ll admit that I didn’t re-check the status after about 10:30 a.m., so that’s where I get my dumb coaching move of the weekend.

Lesson learned from me. But at least my mistake didn’t ruin a perfect season – that was done a long time ago.


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