Canada Gets Free Cards On Saturday

In celebration of “National Hockey Card Day” this Saturday, January 30, Upper Deck is ready to give away hundreds of thousands of exclusive “National Hockey Card Day” NHL trading card packs for free throughout Canada. Once again, Canadian hobby shops … Read More

Marlins Owe Fans An Apology

I’m glad I’m not a Florida Marlins fan. And it’s not because of that silly looking fish that serves as the team’s mascot. Nope, I’m glad I’m not a fan of that team because then I don’t have to be … Read More

Finally Taking a Look at 'Ball Four'

I am a little late to the party when it comes to reading. However, the best thing about books is that the “classics” never get old. Before a recent work trip, I jogged down to the library in our building … Read More

Cards still backbone of hobby

When all is said and done, this hobby is still all about the cards. Granted, there are some great autographed items, game-used memorabilia, publications, tickets, trophies, etc., but true hobbyists are still all about the cards. In the latest … Read More

Upgrade Your Autographs, too?

You often hear about collectors upgrading pieces in their sports memorabilia treasure trove. Many times that involves trading cards. That doesn’t mean they are dumping their 1989 Upper Deck Baseball for 1959 Topps, it means they are taking cards they … Read More

When a Glove is More Than a Tool of the Trade

A few years ago, we here at Krause Publications managed to assemble enough crippled bodies to cobble together a softball team, lower-tier if there was any doubt. We had a great time, even won a few games in a local … Read More

When it becomes time to sell a collection

You build a collection up over the years, could even be decades. You’ve got baseballs, footballs, game-used jerseys, trophies, newspaper clippings, tickets and on and on. It’s the driving force behind why you work, what you enjoy doing in your … Read More

Now is a Great Time for Sports

This time of year is quite busy for the sports fan and collector. You’ve got the baseball season heading into the postseason, football season – both college and pro – are in full swing, basketball training camps are kicking off … Read More

Fan Witnesses Every MLB Matchup

Among the mountains of press releases and assorted mail we received in the last week came a rather interesting publicity piece about a baseball fan in Racine, Wis. For the past 55 years, John Salvo has been attending baseball games, … Read More

My Dream Job Involves Hot Dogs

It’s a question you start writing about in grade school and something you discuss until you pass on, unless you actually achieve it: what would be your favorite job? It was suggested that Baseball HOF President Jeff Idelson might have … Read More