New product removes Sharpie sigs from memorabilia items

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Sometimes the ink smudges. Sometimes you decide you’d rather have it signed by someone else.  Sometimes the autograph is so bad you just want to start over.  But what do you do when a Sharpie autograph is already splashed all over your photo, baseball card or other glossy item?

It may not be hopeless.

The Prismacolor Colorless Two Tip Blender Pen (available on eBay) is a colorless pen used to blend colors by crafters and artists. However, it can be used to easily remove Sharpie ink from any glossy surface…if you’re careful.

It doesn’t work on everything, but if you’re into autographs, some people have been touting its effectiveness.

Autograph dealer Show-Me-State Signatures put the pen to the test recently and posted the results.

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