UD Spectrum Baseball

We’re back, minus the video camera. But at least we have a new product, though Tuff Stuff pricing analyst and huge baseball fan Joe Clemens is not a fan of this product, which is…

Upper Deck Spectrum Baseball

  • 5 cards/pack
  • 14 packs/box ($80)

First off, the box is about three times bigger than it needs to be. There’s lots of padding here that’s not needed. But I guess size is a perception. Secondly, this product comes after UD’s Series 1 Baseball. So why are there players in here in uniforms way out of date? You can see someone who has joined a new team in mid-season being in an old uniform (though Series 1 was updated). CC in an Indian uniform? Ehh, OK.
But why are there players in a uniform for a team in which he did not play for in 2008? It was 2007! Eric Bedard in an Orioles uniform? Come on!

And then there are those purple colors!

So what did we get? Spectrum includes a Spectrum of Stars subset with a bunch of celebrities included. We got an autograph of Ian Somerhalder, from the TV series “Lost.” Ian doesn’t know how to spell his last name – he just signs “Ian S.”

Our other “hit” was a James Loney signed patch card numbered to 26 and a Rick Ankiel patch card numbered to 99. We also received two red parallel cards numbered to 250 – Justin Morneau and Ivan Rodriguez – and a green parallel numbered to 99 – Tim Hudson.

And there you have UD Spectrum Baseball – at least one box anyway. 

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  1. Alex V. on said:

    Where’s the video?