Beat the Blogger Results and New Matchups

First and foremost, congratulations to Glen Berger, who selected 9 of the 10 games correctly. Well done. Going forward, I will discontinue the doubler aspect – I believe the tie-breaker is enough of a separation point. This week’s matchups are … Read More

Beat the Blogger Results

While it wasn’t quite the grand finale I was hoping for, the Blogger posted a respectable score of 6 in a week full of upsets in his final week of hosting the Beat the Blogger Contest. Rick K claimed the … Read More

Beat the Blogger Results/Matchups

The holiday matchups proved to be tricky for many including the Blogger, but Chris L had no problem picking winners. He picked 8 of 10 correctly and then hit on his doubler to win last week’s Beat the Blogger. Congrats … Read More

Andrew Luck, Al Roker, the Bears and Lions Oh My

After watching more football than I probably should have and putting my relationship with my fiance in serious jeopardy because of it, I came up with several observations that I thought I should share. If my overindulging ways are going … Read More

Beat the Blogger Results/Matchups

Contrary to one salty post who questioned our request of asking our total participants to reach the 150 mark or cancel the Beat the Blogger contest altogether, we came up a little short but being that it is the holiday … Read More

Card Popularity Just A Title Away

It had been 56 long years since the San Francisco Giants had tasted World Series success and the long drought just made it that much sweeter for their fans when it finally arrived. Ever since the Giants finished off the … Read More

Beat the Blogger Results/Matchups

Despite a week full of upsets, the matchups were no problem for Barbie, who posted a score of 10 to win last week’s Beat the Blogger contest. There will be no Beat the Blogger contest this week as we gear … Read More

Haynesworth Forces Reversal In Shanahan Evaluation

With the seemingly never-ending saga of Redskins ultra-slacker defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth taking on a new twist Tuesday, I decided to revisit all of the facts in this bizarre soap opera before I offered an opinion. Now, I’ve never met … Read More

Beat the Blogger Results/Matchups

The Blogger posted a solid total of 7 in last week’s Beat the Blogger contest but it was no match for Joe Ranyak, who missed just one pick and almost nailed the tiebreaker on the nose to win last week’s … Read More