New product removes Sharpie sigs from memorabilia items

Sometimes the ink smudges. Sometimes you decide you’d rather have it signed by someone else.  Sometimes the autograph is so bad you just want to start over.  But what do you do when a Sharpie autograph is already splashed all over your photo, baseball card or other glossy item? Read More

Pujols continues to be a force in the hobby

Albert Pujols began his career with little attention. Passed over by every team several times in the 1999 MLB Draft, he was eventually picked in the 13th round by the St. Louis Cardinals with the 402nd pick. Considering what’s happened since, he might be one of the greatest draft steals of all-time and his rookie cards the first of the new millennium to score big. Read More

T206 Book Wins Award

The T206 Collection: The Players & Their Stories has been named one of the best books of the season by the prestigious New England Book Festival. Authors Tom & Ellen Zappala of Massachusetts will receive the award in the General Non-Fiction category on January 15 at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, MA. Read More

Poor records equal poor memorabilia sales in the desert

Sports memorabilia is a holiday staple at Paradise Valley Mall, where Sports Collectibles opens a few months before the holiday season and closes shortly thereafter every year. The northeast Phoenix shop has had a challenging year, and owner Jeff Thalblum doesn’t think it’s solely because of the tough economy.

Read More

Part IV of Tuff Stuffs Whats It Worth feature

(Fourth and final installment of Tuff Stuff’s Waht’s It Worth Series)

Tuff Stuff’s new “What’s It Worth?” feature has returned. For several years our readers have asked us to evaluate their memorabilia because with the ever-changing economics of the hobby those prices are always fluxuating.
While our price guides remain the best source to get an accurate value for your sports cards, collectors wanted a reliable source to turn to to get the same type of dependable pricing for the other items in their collections. And now they have that source. Read More

When good cards go bad

A Duke Snider autographed relic card numbered to just 10 copies – surely a nice hit most collectors would be happy to pull from a high-end product. Then you see two tear marks near Snider’s name. Noticing the damage to this 2009 Topps Sterling card set off what turned into a frustrating chase for a replacement card – a situation prolonged when another damaged card was sent to satisfy the original problem. Read More

Cobb gamer sells for $113k in Mears sale

It was scheduled to end Thursday night, but the phone kept ringing.  Past midnight, through the wee hours of the morning, beyond breakfast, past lunch and after dinner.  Finally, MEARS officials decided that the fun had to end.  7 p.m. New Year’s Eve would be the official end of the company’s latest auction.  When it was over, new records were set for the Milwaukee-based company, paced by the sale of a 1920s autographed Ty Cobb game used bat. Read More

Revisiting the old KMart card vending machines

A nice surprise showed up in our email Thursday morning. A reader in the southeast had found one of our stories on 1970s baseball cards in which a reference was made to nickel sports card vending machines that you used to see in places like K-Mart. Read More