Try As We May, We Can't Pleas'em All

I’ve been the editor of Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly for about nine months now and one of the first things I realized after taking over was that it sure is a daunting proposition to try and keep all of our readers feeling the love.

Whether it’s the figures collectors who want to read more about the latest Upper Deck Vinyl series or the hockey fans who want more about pucks, it’s a seemingly endless battle to find the right balance and keep them all off the ledge.

What many of our readers don’t understand is that, believe it or not, there is a method to the “madness.” We do try to rotate our coverage in an effort to cover all the bases. For example, we recently added some extra pages to our Price Guide section. Our logic was based on the fact that No. 1, the publication is a Price Guide first and foremost. While we still enjoy the idea of bringing you some entertaining and informative feature stories as much as possible, but we understand most people buy the magazine because of the Price Guide capacity and we get that. With that said, we added the pages to the Football and Baseball Price Guide sections and eliminated the Hockey Price Guide pages for that particular issue. The decision to drop hockey for the month was based on the fact that hockey is the least collected sport of the five we cover and the fact that it’s currently out of season. In the next issue, the hockey pricing will be back in and we’ll likely cut down or eliminate some of our Basketball Price Guide pages if needed because hockey will be starting up and basketball will be out of season.

While some readers get a little fired up when the coverage of the sport they collect is reduced and some may not realize that although they see a reduction, we’ve always got you covered online. Our new website,, has all of the sports and figures pricing available for you 24/7 and best of all, at no charge. Our entire Price Guides from Football, Baseball, Basketball, Racing, Figures and yes, Hockey, too, are just a click away so we encourage you to check out the new website, make some posts in our Forums, answer the trivia question, enter our Daily Sweepstakes and win some great free prizes and perhaps most importantly, utilize this great resource for what it was designed to do – help our faithful readers. So before you get too fired up, get off that ledge and go to our site and enjoy it to the fullest.


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