O.J. Simpson, In The Conservatory, With The Lead Pipe

The jury for the latest trial featuring O.J. Simpson is all set but it didn’t come without the typical OJ theatrics.

Simpson’s defense lawyers insisted their client wasn’t going to be able to get a fair trial because the potential jury pool was made up entirely of white people. OJ, who, along with co-defendant, Clarence “C.J.” Stewart, is being charged with kidnapping and robbing two sports memorabilia dealers last year in Las Vegas.

Simpson’s attorneys wanted the entire jury dismissed and start the process all over again but Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass denied the request and wants to start opening statements Sept. 15.

Most prospective jurors have said they disagree with Simpson’s 1995
acquittal in the slaying of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman but they insist they can be fair regarding the current charges.

Normally I would agree with Simpson’s lawyers in saying that the lack of African-Americans on the jury coupled with the fact that many of those same jurors aren’t hiding the fact that they believe Simpson got away with murder would make it impossible for Simpson to get a fair trial. But in this case, as it was with the double murder charges (or so we thought) back in 1995, the jury could be made up entirely of OJ’s family and friends and a guilty verdict would still be the end result.

It seems Simpson’s lawyers are digging for ways to prolong the inevitable and I don’t blame them for that, it is their job. Not sure if any maneuvering from his attorneys will allow him to weasel out of these charges like he did a decade ago, but then again, justice being served when dealing with the elusive Mr. Simpson, is long overdue anyway.       

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