I Want My Internet Back

Have you ever noticed how reliant we’ve become on technology? I became
way too familiar with the idea this past week when my home laptop came
down with a virus. Not sure if it was Hepatitis or the h1n1 or what, but
this virus has devastated my PC and my normal routine, that’s for sure.bxp37771.jpg

I play Fantasy Baseball and I often follow the MLB games on the computer
while I’m watching other sporting events or TV in general. Haven’t been
able to do that or any other surfing for more than a week now and boy
do I miss those days of riding the waves.

What was once just a cheesy hair-band ballad, “You Don’t Know What You
Got Until It’s Gone” has since been transformed into the battlecry for my fallen PC. I truly didn’t realize how much I
relied on it until it was hijacked from me by a cruel virus disguised as
a Hallmark card. And what a perfect disguise it was. What person
doesn’t want to check out who might be sending them an online card? Sure
it wasn’t my birthday and I hadn’t recently fallen ill, but I raced to
open up that online cure-all and those dirty bastards got me right where
it hurts. You would have done the same, right?

Anyway, because I couldn’t get the sports information (or anything else
for that matter. Don’t get me started on how much I’ve been missing
those catchy, reflective poem lines people love to post on Facebook) I
needed (I mean wanted, I don’t have a problem), I was forced to kick it old
school and rely on TV. And don’t get me wrong, ESPN and its
ever-growing community of networks does a fantastic job of bringing us
the news and highlights, but when you rely on your PC for that, you get
used to getting what you want, when you want it. ESPN NEWS comes close to
doing that, but waiting for the scroll to change to the information to
the score you’re looking for typically takes as long as the final two
minutes of an NBA game and who’s got that kind of time?

My new appreciation for my PC and all she brings to the table has truly
changed my perception of technology. I’m not one of those guys who can’t
go seven seconds without checking his Blackberry but I think that’s
only because I don’t own a Blackberry. What I mean is, I never knew how
tight the grip the Internet had on me (not a reference to my Internet
porn viewing either) until I was forced to go a week (and counting)
without it. I would have never guessed I had become one “those guys” but my panicked state this past week apparently points i the direction that I am.

One thought on “I Want My Internet Back

  1. Getting your computer infected by a virus is pretty messed up. Most email programs scan incoming email for viruses before you even see it. And I’m sure you already had some kind of antivirus program installed on your computer (although it may not be effective if it’s not aware of latest virus definitions). I’m very curious how this virus was able to get past email safeguards and into your inbox. My computer has been acting weird too (sometimes shutting down and restarting when I first turn it on). How did you solve this virus problem?

    Andy J.