Devastated and Downright Dubious

Just thought I’d throw in my two cents on some recent news coming from the sports world.

First off, Ed Hochuli, the referee who’s Hulk-like physique should’ve prompted steroid testing among officials, has apologized profusely for his quick whistle which literally blew the win for the Chargers last week. He’s admitted his mistake, said he’s devastated by his mistake, publicly apologized and is now responding to each personal e-mail he has received from balistic Bolt fans. While there is no apology great enough to turn back the clock and return the victory (and it could become an even bigger loss for the Chargers as the season plays out), it’s time we all cut the guy some slack and understand that officials are human, too.

A few months back, the big debate among NBA fans was who should be the top pick in the 2008 Draft: Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley. As the debate lingered on leading up Draft day, reports of Beasley’s off-court character issues surfaced and could of ultimately led to the Bulls opting for Rose instead of the stud forward with the more-impressive collegiate numbers. At the time, Beasley made the rounds on talk radio and ESPN with hopes of dispelling what he referred to as just “rumors,” but as it turns out, that might have just been a smoke screen.

Beasley was recently fined $50k by the NBA after he acknowledged he was involved in an “incident” along with two other players at the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this program designed specifically to warn these high-priced athletes of all the pitfalls that can tempt a young multi-millionaire entering the league? Apparently, when that portion of the program was being explained to the rookies, Beasley and his buddies were busy smoking weed and entertaining some young ladies in their hotel rooms. It’s pretty bad when you get busted for something at the very place their instructing you on how to avoid such things. Just another strong argument that these kids should stay in school, stop letting others go to class for them and learn some common sense along the way.

Many questioned how the Bulls could let Beasley’s off-field questions sway them into passing on Beasley and going with the safer pick in Rose, but as it turns out, the Bulls’ homework into the charecter issues of both players might have been money well spent. They’re already up $50k and the season hasn’t even started yet.

3 thoughts on “Devastated and Downright Dubious

  1. Kos on said:

    Ed Hochuli did blow the call, but the SD defense was pathetic. They allowed close to 400 yards of total offense in the first half, the Broncos scored 24 points in the 2nd quarter. Yes, I agree Ed Hochuli blew the call but the SD defense should take most of the blame in the loss to the Broncos.

  2. Tom on said:

    I never feel a single call determines a game, and players shouldn’t fall on that either. Give this guy a break

  3. Chris Nerat on said:

    I also agree that the Hoch did lose the game for the Chargers, but I am more concerned with the young man cutting his circulation off by wearing ref shirts that are two sizes too small for him. Might wanna mix in an XL dogg.

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