Close, But No Winners In Pick'em Contest

While one contestant did come up with a great upset special pick in taking Cleveland over the Giants, it wasn’t enough to pull out the win and take home the signed photo.

The Browns upset win helped WVMountaineer59 post an 8-6 mark for the week with Sandy and I’mGoingToWin both right behind at 7-7, but nobody bettered my 8-6 mark so there will be no winner for this week. Because of the tie I will double this week’s prize to (2) signed photos so study up, make your picks and spread the word about the contest.

For those of you who haven’t got the memo, the contest is simple. I’ll make my NFL picks each Friday, you post yours and the
person who gets the most correct picks will win an autographed 8-10
photo of (Ladainian Tomlinson, Marshall Faulk, Drew Brees, Marc Bulger,
Gale Sayers, DeAngelo Williams, Santonio Holmes or others) from our
prize vault. The only rules are: we must get posts from at least 10
different people and you have to beat my total to be eligible. So make
your picks before 11:30 a.m. (eastern) on Sunday, spread the word about
the “contest” to your friends and then hope your total beats mine. Some
of these signed photos I’ll be giving away are worth $200 or more so
it’s definitely worth the effort to make your picks and take a chance
at scoring one of them.

I’ll post the week’s matchups each Friday so check back then and get your picks in before the deadline. Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Close, But No Winners In Pick'em Contest

  1. Mike Schoemer on said:

    Here are my picks for Week 7:

    SD over Buffalo
    Pitt over Cincy
    Tenn over KC
    Balt over Miami
    Dallas over St. Louis
    NYG over SF
    Chicago over MINN
    Carolina over NO
    Houston over Detroit
    Indy over GB
    Favre over Oakland
    WASH over Cleveland
    TB over Seattle
    Denver over NE

    I will send you my address to mail the autograph photo!!

  2. Week 7 Picks are as follows

    Chiefs (+8) over Titans
    Chargers () over Bills
    Steelers(-9.5) over Bengals
    Dolphins (-3) over Ravens
    Rams (+6) over Cowboys
    Bears (-3) over Vikings
    Saints (+3) over Panthers
    Giants (-10.5) over 49ers
    Lions (+8.5) over Texans
    Jets (-3) over Raiders
    Redskins (-7) over Browns
    Colts (-1) over Packers
    Seahawks (+10.5) over Buccaneers
    Broncos (+3) over Patriots

    fly eagles fly!

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