Close But No Winner in Pick'em Contest

While we did get four contestants who managed to tie my total of eight correct picks this week, our Beat the Blogger FB Pick’em Contest will have to wait at least another week to produce a winner. Congrats to “Sandy,” “ImGoingToWin,” “bobbleheadguy” and “Madeleine B.” who all picked eight games correctly to tie my total, but nobody bettered the total so the contest will continue next week with (3) authentic signed 8-by-10 photos going to anybody who can pick more games correctly than I can.

The number of participants has increased each week so far and I’m expecting the trend will continue now that the prize package has increased as well. The more the merrier, so spread the word so we can get a winner.

I’ll post this week’s games later this week so check back to see the selections. Then make your picks factoring in the point spreads I provide with the games and turn in your picks a half-hour before the start of the week’s first game and see how things play out. Good luck.

My Total 8-6
Contest Totals 16-12

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