Beat The Blogger Results

While we weren’t able to reach our goal of 100 entries, we did establish a nfl-shield-mark-cl.jpgnew high in the Beat The blogger NFL pick’em contest this past week. “Hips Houdini” correctly picked 13 of 16 games correctly to easily defeat the Blogger (8 correct) and the rest of the field and win the prize.

Once again, I’ll challenge all of our regular players to recruit (3) more players so we can hit our target goal of 100 participants each week and increase the prize to (3) authentic signed 8-by-10 photos to the winner of this week’s contest. So tell your friends and co-workers to get their picks in 1/2 hour before the start of the Thursday game to be eligible to win.

I’ll post this week’s matchups tomorrow and then post my winners sometime Thursday so check back to see what you’re up against. Then click on “Comments” at the bottom of my post and add in your picks. Be sure to fill out all of the required fields with your contact information and put in the “Home Page” line and you’ll be all set. Good luck.

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