Beat the Blogger results

It was an unprecedented week in the Beat the Blogger contest. The Blogger posted a perfect card with 10 correct picks and even nailed the tiebreaker (44) but still came up short to two contestants because he failed to remember to designate his “Doubler” pick. Lesson: never underestimate the power of the doubler.

The Blogger’s blunder allowed a pair of contestants to sneak in and claim the weekly prize, with both Keith Sorenson and Dana Boisvert posting perfect cards, hitting their doublers and nailing the tiebreaker total for the first two exactly perfect cards in the history of the contest. For their efforts and because the Blogger isn’t bitter about his mistake, each will be receiving a bonus in addition to the signed photo typically award to the weekly winner. Congrats. 

This week’s matchups along with the Blogger’s picks will be posted later today so make
sure you get your picks posted prior to the
week’s first game, designate a doubler and include your tie-breaker
to be eligible to win. Good luck and spread the word
and help grow the contest.

While I
enjoy giving prizes to several people vs. having just one weekly
winner, from this point forward contestants will be asked to provide a tie-breaker on the week’s last game so we narrow our winner down to one. Contestants
will now be asked to predict the total score from the last game on the
list and the closest to the actual score will be deemed the winner
). I’ll also require contestants to post their e-mail address with their picks so I can track down the winners easier.

For those unfamiliar with the Beat the Blogger contest,
the idea is simple. The Blogger posts 10 matchups each week and then
selects his contest.jpgchoices for the winners of those matchups. Contestants
enter the Beat the Blogger contest by clicking on the “Comment” section below the post with the matchups and then select their own 10 winners. You can also designate one of your picks as a “Doubler”
and you will receive an extra point if you’re correct so don’t forget
to designate your “Doubler” pick and increase your chances of winning.
If you Beat The Blogger’s total and post the high score for the week, you win. The regular weekly prize is an authentic signed 8-by-10 color photo of stars such as LaDainian Tomlinson, Drew Brees, Marshall Faulk, Santonio Holmes, Gale Sayers, Catfish Hunter
and many more. From time to time, the Blogger will sweeten the pot for
the weekly contest so look for special prize packages.

This week’s matchups 
(with winning picks in parenthesis)
Sunday, Nov. 22
Cleveland at Detroit (Detroit)
Washington at Dallas (Dallas)
San Francisco at Green Bay (Green Bay)
Atlanta at NY Giants (NY Giants)
Buffalo at Jacksonville (Jacksonville)
Indianapolis at Baltimore (Indianapolis)
Seattle at Minnesota (Minnesota)
NY Jets at New England (New England)
San Diego at Denver (San Diego)
Philadelphia at Chicago (Philadelphia)
Tie-breaker: Total points in Philadelphia-Chicago game

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