Completed sets fuel upcoming Memory Lane sale

In addition to a dizzying array of high-grade vintage sports cards and memorabilia in its upcoming Spring 2010 Catalog Sale, Memory Lane Inc. is offering an incredible group of complete vintage sports card sets, many of which are among the finest in the hobby.

”It’s the best group we’ve ever offered,” said Memory Lane’s J.P. Cohen. “They’re beautiful sets, put together by some very discriminating collectors.”

For collectors looking to acquire top level sets without the effort of buying them one by one, this auction will provide plenty of opportunities. 

Headlining this incredible selection is a 1956 Topps set, all graded PSA 8, painstakingly pieced together over a period of years. The set’s owner even upgraded cards within the same grade, to ensure he had the best available ‘8’. The set may not be familiar to collectors because, despite it’s quality, it’s never been entered on the PSA Set Registry, making it a “find” of sorts for those who are competing to own the best cards. 

Most of the cards in the set have gray backs rather than white. The SMR value of the individual cards is over $42,000.  Bidding for this amazing set will start at $15,000.

There are also two other 1956 Topps sets in the Memory Lane auction, both of which any collector would be proud to own.

Another spectacular offering is the 1955 Bowman “TV” set that takes its place in this catalog. This one is registered and currently stands as the fourth best set in the world.  16 PSA 9 cards are included, with the overall grade of the set an impressive 8.023. The wood grain borders make the ’55 Bowman set one of the toughest to accumulate in high grade and it took years for our consignor to push the set to this level. It’s simply a work of art, with its homage to a time in American life when television was coming to every American household and baseball was often the sport that appeared on those little screens.

The artwork that makes up the images on the 1953 Topps set has always been heralded as some of the best in sports, let alone on baseball cards. Memory Lane is offering another fantastic set from this year. With every card in this condition-sensitive beauty grading PSA 8, 7 or 6, it presents extremely well. SMR value of the cards in this set exceeds $18,000.

Those looking for a high quality 1959 Topps set will find that someone has already done the work for them.  Memory Lane is presenting a ’59 set that has an average overall grade close to ‘8’ across the board. It stands #19 on the Set Registry and the total value of the individual cards presented is over $26,000.

One of the most popular sets of all-time is the 1957 Topps issue. Always a challenge because of scuffing propensity and other issues, it’s rare to find one available in high grade but MLI has managed to do so. With a set rating of 7.487, it’s sure to attract a big following when the auction kicks into high gear.

The 1959 Fleer Ted Williams set carved out a special niche in the collecting world when it was released and it’s still popular today, especially with Red Sox fans. Recently, two of the best sets ever pieced together were featured in SMR magazine along with the collector who put them together. His attention to detail and dogged pursuit of excellence has led to one set made up completely of PSA 9 graded cards. This amazing set will be one of the highlights of the auction, as well as the consignor’s second set, graded PSA 8 across the board. 

There are other baseball sets available as well, including some nice Redman tobacco sets as well as graded and ungraded issues from the 1970s. For those looking to complete their own, Memory Lane also has a number of starter sets, many of which contain some top quality cards.

Football collectors aren’t forgotten in this auction.  Memory Lane will have multiple sets from various years including 1955 Bowman, two sets of 1955 Topps All-Americans, one each from 1957 and ’58, a super high-end 1959 set with an 8.02 average grade, a 1950 and a a pair of 1969 Topps football sets. 

One of the ’69 sets is currently the second highest-rated set on the Registry with a whopping 166 cards having been graded PSA 9. The SMR value of this 41-year-old piece of football history from the era of Joe Namath and the Jets is over $16,000.  The second set carries an 8.17 rating with 60 9s. 

There is a 1972 Topps football set, including high numbers, with an 8.05 overall mark and a PSA 9-graded set of 1970 Kellogg’s football.

Hockey and basketball card collectors aren’t forgotten either, with the highlights of the winter sports offering centered around a 1963 Topps hockey set that is fully graded by PSA.

In all, 1175  lots of sports cards and sports memorabilia will be included in the auction. 

Bidding opens Friday, March 26 and closes Saturday, April 17.  Full-color catalogs are available by contacting Memory Lane Inc online ( or by phone at 877-606-LANE (5263).

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