Top golf card collection hits the aution block

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Perhaps the best accumulation of golf trading cards ever assembled has been consigned to Robert Edward Auctions and will be offered for public sale next spring.

1896 A.J. Spalding golf cardThe Jack Zugay Collection includes many of the highest graded and most rare complete sets and single cards known.  The 600+ cards represent virtually the entire history of 20th century golf.

“This is without a doubt the finest golf card collection anyone has ever seen come into the market,” said REA president Rob Lifson.  “It’s plain to see that an unbelievable amount of time has been put into assembling these sets.  Jack just put his heart and soul into it and the result is really amazing.”

The collection includes ten sets that are ranked #1 on the PSA Set Registry, nine of which are 100% complete.  Dozens of cards in the collection are regarded as the finest known examples.  The fully graded and authenticated cards and sets are generally NM and NM-MT or better, a remarkable task that took Zugay over 20 years to complete.

The total book value of the collection is at least $125,000, but considering the scarcity of so many of the cards, it’s likely the auction results will redefine the market.

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